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The Shores of Long Bayou is one of four communities inside a traffic controlled entrance gate with a 24/7 attendant.

If you are seeking a home in Florida, make sure your realtor understands that each association has its own board of directors. The president of the particular association should be made aware of any sales or rentals. Short-term rentals are highly discouraged in our community.   

When a condominium is purchased, the owner (names on the property title) becomes a member of his condominium association (COA), as well as a member of the homeowners' association (HOA). Each condominium association has its own board of directors. The HOA does not interact with an association's sellers, buyers, or realtors. The Homeowners' Association has a separate board of directors that oversees all common areas. 



There are eleven (11) mid-rises that range in size from eighteen (18) to thirty (30) units.  The Shores of Long Bayou is a  diverse, inclusive community. The Shores of Long Bayou promotes the approach...IF YOU SEE SOMETHING-SAY SOMETHING. 



The villas are two stories with front porches and rear decks.  They each have, at least, one garage. Each Condominium association should offer an orientation on the role of the HOA that includes the health, safety, and general welfare of the common areas.


Additional Information regarding Estoppels

  At any closing, a new owner should receive two sets of documents:

  • One set of documents should pertain to the association
  • One set of documents should pertain to the homeowners' association

· There are two estoppels that are needed for closing. DOWNLOAD THE PDF


Assoc 3 building I, Assoc 1 building II, Association 2 building III, IV, V, VI, VII, VIII, IX, X, XI, XII, XV, XVI, XIX, XX, XXI, XXII

Estoppels for the associations listed above may be obtained from:

 Richard Commons
901N Hercules Ave Suite A
Clearwater, Fl 33765

Phone: 727-461-9770 Fax: 727-461-9775

 ​RCC Email <>

Association XIV contact

 Joe Murphy
Deloach, Hofstra and Cavonis, P.A.
8640 Seminole Blvd.
Seminole, FL  33772


 Association XVII contact

Carol Rodhouse
Shores of Long Bayou XVII Condo Association
6465 99th Way N, Unit 17-B
St. Pete FL  33708
ph:  727-242-2558


 Association XVIII contact

Bill Wingerter

Shores of Long Bayou XVIII Condo Association
6499 99th Way N #18G

St. Petersburg, Florida 33708


 Association XXIV/XXV contact

Estoppel Requests must be ordered from


· ​​​Estoppel Requests must be ordered from 


It is to your advantage to meet the seller's realtor to explain the structure of our community. You should have the updated Q&A for your building or villa, the seller should have a certified copy of the Declaration (NOT A PROSPECTUS). Mortgage applications may refer to HOA information. In this circumstance, your  answers are in reference to YOUR association - not the HOA. All the information you provide will be regarding YOUR ASSOCIATION - whether it's a four unit villa or a 30 unit mid-rise, it is best to note this on the mortgage application. 


 The Shores of Long Bayou Condominiums

* The Shores of Long Bayou Homeowners’ Association maintains the common areas which include the lakes, ponds, amenities.

* Before signing any documents, realtors or rental agents should check with the building president regarding the sale/lease process and obtain a copy of the rules for that association as well as The HOA handbook.

* The SALE/LEASE application is legal size. Please make sure you have the entire document when you print.
* There is a one-hundred dollar ($100.00) application fee that should be made out to the association.  

Ex. Payable to: The Shores of Long Bayou XXX

* All questionnaires, mortgage requests, or interrogatories should be directed to the association board of directors (president). The association has the authority to charge a one-hundred dollar fee for this paperwork - Payable to: The Shores of Long Bayou XXX

* After closing, the buyer must present himself/herself to the Homeowners’ Association Manager to update the condo unit information and receive a vehicle decal.

** RENTALS by OWNERS or RENTAL AGENT should be reported to the board of directors before the lease is signed. Tenants receive the amenities from the rental and should be aware of the COA (ask your association president) and HOA rules (download handbook).