Our Volunteer Committees



The Wetlands Committee of The Shores of Long Bayou endeavors to protect the quality of the water, protect the waterfowl by providing a nesting and feeding habitat, protect the flora by replacing exotic, invasive plants with Florida-native species, protect the mangroves, and protect the native wildlife. 

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Bench Program


Donation of a Park bench can commemorate a celebration, memorial or just be a donation to the common areas. Speak with our onsite manager to order a park bench, and discuss if you would like a brass plaque affixed to the bench. The donor may have the bench placed at any location.



The social committee hosts monthly, themed, gatherings. Pancake breakfasts, coffee & chats, and keeping the activity calendar up to date are just a few of the things done by our volunteers.



The welcome committee meets with new owners to answer questions about our common areas, as well as describing what is in the area.



Each year the calendar committee chooses a theme for the next year's calendar pictures. These pictures are taken by the residents of The Shores of Long Bayou and show the richness of our resources.

August Social


August Activities


Activity chair

For Information on any Activities


For information on any of the activities call:         
Jane Gildea         (727) 391-5659      
Iva Vaeth             (240) 224-4472    

For more information, check with our manager at the clubhouse office.